Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Been a Few Weeks, but I'm Still Serious

It's been a busy few months.

Since my last post, we had three weekends of Oktoberfest at Hop Angel. And I am usually at Grey Lodge seven days week. We went out to Denver for the Great American Beer Fest. I also posted to my blog, The Third Quarter. I wrote a piece for Hidden City. I've been involved with Mayfair Business Association, Tacony Civic Association, Philly Beer Week, and Historic Tacony Revitalization Project. I also did some other stuff.

So I've been busy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't drop everything to have a beer with Bill.... well most everything. So Bill, just name the day, time, and place, and I will be there.

I do stuff, so I'd have stuff to talk about. I can also shut up and listen. OK that's not one of my better skills, but I can do it when called for. I'm sure Bill would have a lot of interesting stories, so shutting the ef up wouldn't be hard.