Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Not a Trekkie

Bill wouldn't have to worry about me being a fawning fanboy, bugging him about Tribbles or anything like that. I might want to talk about Evil Lincoln (who doesn't), but I don't believe Evil Lincoln had anything to do with the original Star Trek. So while Evil Lincoln might come up (OK it's highly likely to be a topic of conversation), it won't be fanboy stuff.

Sure I watched Star Trek reruns when I was a kid. There were only 7 channels and it was easily the best thing on at 7pm. And it was a fun show.

But I didn't realize how slipshod the procedures on the original Enterprise were until I made it half way through the boring first season of Star Trek the Next Generation. What sort of quasi military organization would let the captain, the second in command, AND the ship's doctor routinely go down first to unexplored planets with ravenous bugblatter beasts running around? The answer is an organization that knew what made for good television.

I do wish I had seen Star Trek Deep Shit Nine when it was on, but I had better things to do. I am pretty sure Bill wasn't in that one. If he was, I would have watched it.

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