Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Have a Beer with Me?

Based on the last post, tomorrow seems to be about a week for me. I guess I'm on Jupiter time.

Why should Bill or anyone want to have a beer with me? Well I'm sort of a beer expert. Heck I'm a professional even. I run The Grey Lodge Pub, one of Philadelphia's original beer bars. I knew a bit about beer before that and in 15 years I've learned quite a bit more.

I know which beers are great, which are overrated, and which suck. I can pair a beer to the climate, locale, and atmosphere. If you (or Bill) had a beer with me, it would be a tasty one.

If you want to have a beer with me (whether you are William Shatner or not), I can be found on the better side of the bar at the Grey Lodge almost every Friday after 8pm.

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