Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll Show Up Anywhere Bill Wants

I know Bill is a busy guy with movies and TV shows and horses and sci-if conventions.

So I'll make it easy; I'll get myself to wherever Bill wants to meet up for beer*. I'm my own boss so within reason and with a little time for planning, I can give myself a couple of days off. Bill, just tell me where.

I'll even bring the beer.

* Disclaimer: it must be on planet Earth. I can't afford space travel.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Have a Beer with Me?

Based on the last post, tomorrow seems to be about a week for me. I guess I'm on Jupiter time.

Why should Bill or anyone want to have a beer with me? Well I'm sort of a beer expert. Heck I'm a professional even. I run The Grey Lodge Pub, one of Philadelphia's original beer bars. I knew a bit about beer before that and in 15 years I've learned quite a bit more.

I know which beers are great, which are overrated, and which suck. I can pair a beer to the climate, locale, and atmosphere. If you (or Bill) had a beer with me, it would be a tasty one.

If you want to have a beer with me (whether you are William Shatner or not), I can be found on the better side of the bar at the Grey Lodge almost every Friday after 8pm.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Reason Why Bill Should Have a Beer with Me

Sorry for not posting for a few weeks. Life has been interesting in a good way and I have been living it. No worries, my yen to have a beer with Bill hasn't waned.

Here's a reason why Bill should have a beer with me.

==> We used Priceline to book a room for a recent NYC trip. <==

For those who haven't used recently, instead of a clock sort of icon during processing, they have an animation of Bill karate chopping prices. It's awesome.

This clip isn't that processing thing, but it's awesome in its own right.

Bill's last line is yet another reason why I want to have beer with him.

To those who are curious, Priceline found us a great room in a great location, right by Penn Station. And if you go to NYC, check out the other Chinatown in Flushing, Queens. There's a tiny dumpling shop there that's killer. Also in Flushing, the Unisphere on a breezy day is surprisingly dramatic and the full scale 3d map of NYC in the art museum next door is way worth seeing.

For tomorrow, a better reason why Bill should have a beer with me.