Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big News from the NY Times

A few weeks ago, a wise person asked, "how do you know Shatner even drinks beer?"  I had to admit that possibility had not occurred to me. I have stated before that I am an idiot, so it didn't surprise me in spite of surprising me.

This weekend, the New York Times had a long article about Bill. And there's big news in there.There's a lot of gold in that article; the most important bit (for this quest anyway) being:

The following morning, I went to Bret Day's farm. “Bill never does the actor thing here,” Day told me. "He just wants to be a guy in the horse world." He said that when they go out to dinner, he likes to drink Budweiser, but "Bill makes me drink these fancy beers".


Fancy beers, I'm an expert of fancy beers! Bill, let's do this thing!

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